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Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
's coming up. >>> the story of paula broadwell and the downfall of general petraeus has a connection to another washington. the little one. 70 miles shutoff d.c.. you probably -- south of d.c.. you probably heard of the famous five star inn at little washington. that's where broadwell and her husband were to celebrate her birthday friday. the same night she became a household name. peggy fox returns from washington, virginia. >> oh my god. what happened? can you believe it? >> reporter: it's the five star inn at -- five star inn at little washington that's put washington, virginia on the map. now azannal worthy of the big washington is making its mark on the tiny picturesque town. >> this kind of thing is happening in our sleepy little town. they were right here. >> reporter: paula broadwell was here with her husband to celebrate her 40th birthday in the foothills of the blue ridge mountains. >> i really wish i had seen theme because -- >> reporter: because there was no room in the famous inn. the inn fills up fast in the fall. the broad wells stayed a little ways down main street at
Nov 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
of the cia, those e-mails reportedly sent to a female family friend of petraeus, sent from paula broadwell with whom petraeus was having an fair. get all that? apparently broadwell felt the family friend was get doing close to petraeus. the woman -- getting too close to petraeus. the woman who received the e- mails called the fbi and that touched off the whole thing. >>> now some claim the president is not keeping an important promise. coming up at 7:00 more on the plea from the vets to the federal government at 7:00. >>> still to come in this half hour they are designed to ease congestion along the beltway. we'll take a closer look at the options to pay to use the new express lanes opening this weekend. >> very warm today but no record highs. here's what goes in the books, 72 the official high at national, 49 the low, averages 60 and 42. we'll come back and talk about a little reality check for temperatures, tell you when the rain rolls in and how cold it's going to get. >> but first what could prove to be a key clue in one of the causes of autism, the potential link between illness and p
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2